CardRecoveryPro™ -ダウンロード - CardRecoveryPro™
CardRecoveryPro™ のダウンロード

CardRecoveryPro™ は、フル機能で使いやすいドライバ・アップデート用ソフトウェア。ほぼ全てのドライバをPCにダウンロードでき、ドライバの不具合を修復し、それを最新のものに保ちます。2000万以上のデバイス関連ドライバをサポートする、高度なドライバ・アップデート用ソフトウェアです。

Credits of CardRecoveryPro:
Many cool open source programs were use in cardrecoverypro, and thanks to all these programs authors:
Libraw:, source code here, They have 3 license options, we choose LGPL(GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 2.1), See file LGPL for details.
GrandRecovery 0.1:, source code here, this program released under GPL(GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE) 2.0 or later,See GPL for details.
Zlib:, source code here, zlib license here
Tinyxml:, source code here, use the same license as zlib.
Curl:, source code here, the license is "AS IS" basis.
Windows Template Library - WTL version 8.1, license under CPL1.0, see CPL for details.
Lionsea software didn't modify any of the source code of the program(or lib) above in this product relase, CardRecoveryPro is comply with all above programs license.